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Product Description

SRS SHINE3650 Solar Inverter

  • Convert normal inverter into solar inverter without any change in existing wiring
  • Solar optimization technique to extract maximum power from solar panels
  • User friendly informative LCD display
  • Four stage charging for faster and safe charging of battery

Luminous POWER-X 2250

Luminous PowerX is a pure sine wave inverter in high capacity range. The low harmonic distortion makes this inverter practically noiceless and pure sign wave output makes it highly efficient.

  • Sine wave output
  • Capacity 2000VA, Rated Power 1680W
  • Capable of running heavy loads such as laser printers, photo-copiers, scanners etc
  • High charging current even at low input voltage 100V
  • Supports double battery
  • Supports ECO & UPS mode
  • Supports all Battery Types: TUBULAR, FLAT PLATE,SMF & LOCAL

SRS SHINE3650 Solar Inverter

Model Shine 3650
Range Name (Solar) Retrofit
VA Rating 50A@24V/36V
Warranty 12 months
Net weight (kg.) 3 kg
No. of 12V Batteries in Series upto 3
Technology (Solar) With Battery
Max. supported panel power (Wp) 1700Wp@24V, 2500Wp@36V
Input Voltage Range (Voc) 38-55(24V), 57-75(36V)
Contents of Pack 1 N Charge Controller, 1 N Manual
Product Dimensions (L*W*H) 28.0*20.5*12.9 CM
Application Area Homes and Small Shops

Luminous POWER-X 2250

Online Availability Message yes
Online Availability No
Max Charging Current (in Amperes) 17
Net weight (kg.) 20.6
No. of batteries supported (12V) 2
No. of batteries supported 2 Batteries (12 Volt each)
Range Name Power X
Dimensions 40x33x16.5 CM
VA Rating 2000
Technology Sine wave
Warranty 24 months
Dimensions (L*B*H) 40x33x16.5 CM
Contents of Pack 1 N Inverter, 1 N Manual


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