Coslight Lithium Battery-(LFP 48V100AH)


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Coslight India Telecom Pvt Ltd




Hong kong

Product Description

PCM protection:
1. over charge protection
2. over discharge protection
3. short circuit protection
4. cell balancing
5. over heat protection


1. Discharge and efficiency

Lithum-ion batteries are nearly 100% efficient in both charge and discharge allowing for the same amp hours in and out. Lithium batteries are discharged 100% while the best lead acids batteries can only be discharged 80%. Most lead acid batteries do not recommand more than 50% depth of discharge.

2. Voltage 

Lithium-ion batteries maintain their voltage throughout the entire discharge cycle. This allows for greater and longer-lasting efficiency of electrical components.

3. Long Cycle life

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries cycle 4000 times or more @ 80% DOD.

4. Safe

5. Less self-discharge

 Self-discharge<2%(month), while the monthly self discharge of sealed lead acid battery is 10%.

6. Lighter weight and smaller volume

Product Model No.  CF48100T1EC
Anode Material LFP 
Nominal Voltage -48V(1P15S) 
Nominal Charging Voltage53.5V 
Max CH/DCH current  100/100A 
Cycle life 3000 times 
Standard capacity 100Ah 
Weight 49kg 
Width × depth × height 440mm×395mm×176mm
Self-discharge rate@25ºC <3%(90 days Storage) 
Comm interface RS485,CAN. 
Max parallel quantity 15
Max parallel power 57.6KW 
Terminal connector M8, Torque: 8N.m 
Installation method 19inch rack 
Protection functions Over Temp. , Over current, Short circuit  , Over CH & Over DCH protections. 
Certifications UL & CE & IEC & UN 
Design life  15years 

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