UTL Shamsi-675VA/25A/ 12V Solar Home PCU


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Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL)





Product Description

Maintain Battery Health for Longer Life

The Shamsi solar inverter feeds the battery installed to it at a constant boost charging current until its voltage reaches 14.58V and the float current, which maintains the voltage above 13.8V.

Modified Sine Wave Output

A sine wave output is also known as waveform for electronic equipment. The incoming AC line is a sine wave, thus electronic equipment expects to see this type of waveform. A sine wave is the most expensive output form for solar manufacturers to produce due to more complex circuitry and components.

Inbuilt IT Mode

IT loads which provide protections to IT instruments like computers, printers etc. In IT mode the change over time is very less so that there shouldn’t be any kind of breakdown in power supply.

Charging Multi

To increase the life of battery maintains the gravity and temperature and to increase the backup of battery we use the stages of charging and equalize automatically in a month.

Operate without Solar

Solar inverter of shamsi series can be operated with or without solar panel. The user can use solar inverter as a regular inverter without bothering about use of solar energy.

Easy Installation & Low Maintenance

Shamsi solar inveter is extremely easy to install and is available at a very low budget. It also helps in reducing the electricity costs.

Unique Features

  • Maintain battery health for longer life.
  • Modified sine wave output.
  • Built-in IT mode.
  • Easy installation & low maintenance.
  • Best regulated output.
  • Battery Charging with Multi stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float)
  • Auto equalize in a month.
  • Protections: RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • LED Display for Operation & Fault
Model 675/25A 12V
Nominal Grid Voltage 230V
Battery Low Buzzer 10.8V
Battery Low Cut 10.5V
Battery High Cut 17V
SPV Current 25A
Grid - Battery Charging Voltage (Equalize) After 30 Days
Grid - Battery Charging Current 10A/12.5A
Grid Reconnect @ Battery Voltage 11.8V
Output Phase 1 Phase, 3Wire
Nominal Output Voltage 240V±5%
Nominal Frequency 50Hz±1%
Output Waveform Modified Sinewave
Typical Efficiency ≥82%
Protection Overload, Battery Low, Battery High, Output Short, Battery Reverse, Phase Reverse, Over Heat, SPV High.
LED Indication System ON, (IT Mode, SMF/TUB, Boost Chg., Grid Chg.) Enable/Disable, Mains Status, Overload, Grid Chg., Inverter ON, Battery Status, SPV Chg., Fault
Switches System ON, (IT Mode, SMF/TUB, Boost Chg., Grid Chg.) Enable/Disable
Type of Charger PWM
Efficiency >95%
Input Voltage Range (Min - Max)Voc 17V-25V
Maximum PV Power Recommended (150W/160W) x 4
Operating Temperature 0-50°C


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