Sofar 3KW Single Phase Solar Inverter On-Grid 3000TL-G3 (8 Years Warranty)


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Product Description


  • Max 97.7% efficiency
  • Real time precise MPPT algorithm for max harvest
  • Wide input voltage operation range 

All in one. Flexible and economical system solution

  • Free site selection due to IP65
  • Easy installation and maintenance due to “Plug & Play” connection
  • Interface selection-Wi-Fi / RS485 /GPRS
  • Built in zero export function(optional)

Low maintenance cost

  • Detachable cover for easy installation
  • Rust-free aluminum covers
  • Flexible monitoring solution

Intelligent grid management

  • Reactive power capability
  • Self power reducer when over frequency
  • Remote active/reactive power limit control

Weight: 7KG
Dimension: 321x260.5x131.5 mm

Input (DC)

Model 3000TL-G3
Recommended PV input power 4100Wp
Max. Input voltage 550V
Start-up voltage 70V
Rated input voltage 360V
MPPT operating voltage range 50-550V
Full power MPPT voltage range 275 500V
Max. Input current MPPT 12A
Maxnimun DC input short circuit current per MPPT 15A
Number of MPPT String per MPPT 1/1
Input terminal type MC4 H4

Output (AC)

Rated power 3000W
Max. AC power 3000VA
Rated Output current 13A
Max. Output current 14.5A
Nominal grid voltage L/N/PE, 220Vac 230Vac 240Vac
Grid voltage range 180Vac-276Vac (According to local standard)
Nominal frequency 50Hz 60Hz
Grid frequency range 45~55Hz 54~66Hz According to local standard)
THDi <3%
Power factor 1default adjustable+ 0 ( /- )


Max. Efficiency 97.7%
European weighted efficiency 97.2%


Anti-lslanding protection Yes
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
Over temp protection Yes
Leakage current protection Yes
Over voltage protection Yes
Over current protection Yes
Earth fault protection Yes
SPD MOV: Type III standard


Standard communication mode RS485, WiFi/GPRS (optional), USB

General Data

Topology Transformerless
Ambient temperature range -30 ~+60℃
Allowable relative humidity range 0~100%
Noise <25dB
DC switch optional
Cooling Natural convection
Max. Operating altitude 2000m
Dimension[mm] 321*260.5* 31.5
Support bracket Wall-mounted
Weight 6.3kg
Display LCD+LED
Degree of protection IP65
Warranty 8 years


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