Medini 3 HP Solar AC Agriculture Pump Set



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Product Description

Medini Solar Pumps:


Medini Pumps Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company leading in the field of pumps in Eastern India. Recently Medini Pumps has launched a new product called Medini Solar which is a Submersible Pump Set and Surface Centrifugal Pump with high energy efficiency and reliability suitable to run on Solar Power.


Medini Solar Borewell Submersible pumps are in radical and mixed flow type construction coupled with AC motors are specially designed and matched to the requirement of solar pumping application conforming to MNRE specifications. Medini pump motors are suitable to work with VFD / MPPT / CVT / Automatic MPPT controller.


Application of Medini Pumps:


●     Drip Irrigation

●     Rural Water supply

●     Sprinkler irrigation

●     Industrial use



Special features:


●     High energy efficiency

●     Automatic MPPT controller

●     Remote monitoring system

●     Excellent performance at low intensity


Built-In Protection provide in Medini Solar Pumps:


●     Lightning protection

●     Over-current protection

●     Overvoltage protection

●     Under-load protection

●     Under-voltage protection

●     Protection from short circuit

●     Protection from overheating


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