Growatt 2KW Single Phase On-grid Solar Inverter


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Product Description

Inverter is the key component of a solar system, which determines the importance of its technology and reliability. Growatt Single Phase Solar Inverter 2KW is always focusing on developing advanced solar inverter technology, and have already got good results in this area. As the first Asian inverter supplier awarded with A+ by Photon Lab, Growatt never stops striving for higher efficiency of inverter. Tested by Intertek in June 2013, the maximum efficiency of new released product Growatt 20000HE-TL3 reaches 99.06%, which is far beyond other inverter manufactures in the world. Besides, Growatt also focus on developing its product as a “smart system manager”, which ensures the maximum energy yield and lowest influence to grid by intelligently monitoring the PV panel and grid conditions and adjusting its own performance.



  • Maximum efficiency of 97.4%
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Internal DC switch
  • Transformerless GT topology
  • Compact design
  • Ethernet/RF technology/Wi-Fi
  • Sound control
  • Easy installation
Model Growatt 2000
Inverter Type Grid Tied Inverter
Inverter Power 2300W
Max AC Power 2000W
Maximum Efficiency 97.30%
Inverter Output Voltage 2000
Inverter Output Frequency 50-60Hz
Cooling Natural
Protection IP 65
Display & Annunciation LCD
Power Factor 1
Input Current 10
Nominal DC Voltage [V] 360
MPP Voltage range [V] 120-500
Number of MPP Trackers 1
Inverter Start Voltage 150
Number of DC String Inputs 2
Manufacturer Growatt
Weight Description 11.7 kg
Dimensions (LXWXH) 36.0cm x 32.9cm x 13.2cm


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