Enertech 25 KVA/240V Three Phase Hybrid Solar Inverter


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Product Description
  • Bidirectional solar PCU
  • Hybrid inverter (Solar/ Grid/BATT)
  • Vector Modulated Inverter Control
  • Multiple DSP control operation
  • Range 5KW to 100KW
  • Battery Less operation compatible
  • Paralleling Compatibility
  • MPPT Based Solar Charger -2 modes of operations
  • Higher Capacity PV connection option available
  • Multi Mode function: SGB/ SBG/GFM (selectable)
  • SBG Modes with Buffer level selection facility 25/50/75
  • GFM FEED mode feeds power to grid when grid available, feeds power to load when grid fails.
  • GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100
  • Unity power Factor for grid charging
  • Adjustable Grid Charging Current:
  • Vthd <3%
  • Changeover time less than 20ms
  • 40 X 4 LCD with backlight & Tactile Kay Pad Interface
  • Detailed Metering : Solar KW , Solar KWH,
  • Fault logs : 9 recent faults
  • Auto fault reset for non critical faults
  • Optional Input : Pyranometer , Wind speed, Battery Temperature, Heat sink Temperature
  • Advanced Battery Management Feature
  • Temperature Compensated Charging
  • Generator compatible
  • Communication Port: RS232
  • GSM Based Remote Monitoring option

Grid Charger

Grid Voltage Sync Range 330V to 450V(±5V)
Grid Frequency Sync Range 50Hz ± 6%
Charger Peak Efficiency Higher than 90%
Max Grid Import Power Capacity Double of Inveter capacity dependent on battery charging current
Max Batt Amp (Charging) 5A to 200A selectable
Self Consumption Lower than 4%
Recommended DG/GRID Capacity Double of Inverter Capacity

Solar Charge Controller

Charge Controller Type MPPT
Charger Topology BUCK
MAX PV Connection Capacity 25KWP to 40 KWP
No of MPPT Channels 1
Per Channel PV Capacity (Nominal/ Peak) 25KWP-40KWP
Max. Open Circuit PV Volts (Voc) 500V-700V
MPPT Voltage Range 165V to 400V
Minimum PV Voltage 290V to 450V
Max I/P Amps per channel 104A to 110A
Max Battery Amps during PV charging Full Capacity in Boost Mode / Current Control in Float Mode as per Battery AH
Battery type Supported LMLA, VRLA, SMF, Ni-Cd: Charging Profile can be configured as per the battery requirement
Peak Charging Efficiency Higher than 94% Upto 98%


Controller DSP
Nominal Battery Voltage VDC 120 to 240
Switching Element IGBT
No of Phases/Connection Type 3Ph , 3 Wire- LNE
Nominal Output Voltage 400V AC ±2%
Output Frequency 50Hz ± 0.5%
Continues Output Power 8KWP to 16KWP
Output AMP 11 to 23
Voltage Regulation(Stand Alone) ±2%
Frequency Regulation(Stand Alone) ±0.5Hz
THD V THD <3% | I THD <10%
OUTPUT Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Galvanic Isolation In built Isolation Transformer at Inverter Output
Output Power Factor 1.0 to 0.6 Lagging
Peak Efficiency (Full Load) Upto 90%
Overload capacity 125% FOR 60 SEC, 150% FOR 5 SEC / Can be customized
DG Compatibility 30.00%
Auto Bypass feature Available
Grid Export Mode Available, Enable/Disable Options available
Anti Islanding Function Available, In Compliance with IEC 62116
Compatible IEC standards IEC -61683:1999- As per MNRE Requirement


LED Grid On, PV On, Grid Charger On,, Load On Grid, Load On Battery , Fault
LCD Display Parameters Date, Time, Total Up Time, Total Down Time, Current Up Time, Current Down Time, Current Status
INPUT GRP Voltages Currents Frequency Power W Power VA Import KWH Export KWH
DG GRP Power W Power VA KWH Run Hr
Alarm Audible For Fault And Warnings

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